Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Opportunity: Manager, Business Development - Volunteer Vancouver

Volunteer Vancouver is looking for a Manager, Business Development.

The details are:

Volunteer Vancouver is committed to technologically sound and excellent program delivery. For this position, it is critical that you have experience in the not-for-profit and business sector, in order to make the required connections.

An understanding of relationship building is critical.

    - Lead a team of staff and volunteers to inspire the “new” volunteer and develop and deliver programs that successfully connect businesses with not-for-profits

    - Work with business and not-for-profit community to enhance and build relationships

    - Develop and deliver programs in not-for-profits that build their knowledge and ability to work with specifically skilled volunteers

    - Work with other staff to develop technology systems that ensure existing and new programs can be both high touch and high tech

    - Connect with the community investment network of more than twenty corporations within Greater Vancouver

    - Work with Executive Director on consulting opportunities

    - Work with Volunteer Vancouver staff/programs to develop and coordinate Team Volunteering

    - Make presentations as required

    - Work with High-Level Advisory Committees

    - Attend staff meetings and be part of Volunteer Vancouver events

    - Exceptional people and communication skills

    - Highly organized administrator and project manager

    - Knowledge of volunteerism and the not-for-profit sector

    - Knowledge of - and experience in - the business sector

    - Ability to work independently and as part of a team

    - High-level knowledge of technology systems

Colleen Kelly will accept applications electronically.

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One/Northwest on Uncluttering Your Inbox

On the heels of the previous post, it might be helpful to pass along One/Northwest's take on uncluttering your "inbox".

OneNorthwest asks the question:
    Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to have all this information come to you in a way that was easy to manage, timely, and put you back in control?

Given the VSEF recommends using both bloglines and ... you know where this is going.

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E-mail Newsletter Tools

E-mail offers many benefits, it's also the bane of the linked electronic universe. So, this post is a tough one ...

This report from Idealware is a good summary of available e-mail tools to augment communications.

Forgive me for reprinting the opening paragraph - I think it warrants repetition:
    So you’re looking for a way to send out email in bulk. You’ve thought through your strategy (useful, well written information to a list of people who are eager to get it, right?) and identified your needs. Maybe you want to send fancy eNewsletters, or maybe just text action alerts. Perhaps you’re hoping for a tool that can send emails to tens of thousands of people, or perhaps just a few hundred. Maybe you need something that can integrate with your offline database, customize the content for large donors, send emails to tailored segments of your list, or allow custom eNewsletter templates.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fellowships for journalists - more on The Tyee

In an earlier post, the Tyee's effort to create two charitable funds was mentioned. Their efforts exceeded expectation, by 20%.

Doesn't that illustrate the value of engaging your constituency.

Thanks to Michelle Hoar, Tyee Business Director, for passing along the following:

    Beginning today, February 20th, The Tyee is accepting applications from journalists wanting to dig deep into problems faced by British Columbians, or wanting to report on promising solutions to the challenges we share in this province. While the research and reporting must relate directly to BC, the subject matter is open, and may include education, the environment, human rights, cultural issues, economics, workplace rights and safety, poverty, ethics, business, politics, science, or health.

    Fellowship applications, which are due by April 9th, will be reviewed by an independent advisory panel who will select the four strongest. Each journalist will receive $5000 to produce a series of at least three stories which will be published first on The Tyee and then made available to the public and other publications.

    All funds will go directly to journalists. Look for their stories to begin being published in The Tyee in the summer.

    These fellowships, unique in Canada, will be awarded annually. The Tyee intends to continue to grow the funds in order to increase their impact. The two funds are held at and managed by the Tides Canada Foundation, a national public foundation.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tough Talk for Tender Causes - Ahem

In November 2005, the Vancouver Board of Trade/Spirit of Vancouver began a series of presentations under the banner, Tough Talk for Tender Causes. The theme ...
    an interactive forum to teach charities how to create long-lasting partnerships with corporations.
On February 7th, the second "Tough Talk" addressed ...
    the accountability and stewardship issues not-for-profits face today and what they can learn from their counterparts in the corporate sector.
You can read a summary of the February 7th session here.

Take a minute to read the summary.

Are you picking up a familiar tone? Are you feeling some pique? Do you catch a whiff of cap-in-handedness?

The events stirred some minor discussion among the VSEF - it's not unfamiliar territory - and those gathered shrugged their shoulders repeating "we're here to build bridges" ... over and over.

But, today, the VSEF needs to thank Marnie Webb of TechSoup. Marnie's recent blog entry [link] is a great expression of searching for the other way ...
    Interesting stuff, eh? Indicates we shouldn’t be going hat in hand to corporation partners asking for their support. But that we should be going as equals, with something valuable to give and get.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Event: Introducing A Social Economy Showcase – BC Stories

If you fancy a drink, and a chat about social enterprise, on March 17th you might want to make your way over to the Sheraton Wall Centre around 5:00 pm.

That's when the BC Social Economy Roundtable will launch A Social Economy Showcase - BC Stories.

Click here to download the invitation.

The event happens during the previously mentioned 2006 National Conference on CED and the Social Economy - Leaf, Tree, Forest: Rooting Development in the Community, and is co-sponsored by VanCity.

The evening is:
    "an opportunity to meet other social enterprise practitioners, and receive an update on other BC initiatives, and find out how to join in the efforts being done in the province."


There are no details about Social Economy Showcase, other than:
    "A tapestry of stories and ideas that bring BC's Social Economy to life. It is a first look at the rich history and traditions of the social economy actors who have helped build this province."

It sounds "little", hollow and fluffy - but let's suspend judgment.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Opportunity: Executive Director - Institute for Media Policy and Civil Society

IMPACSThe Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society is a canadian charitable organization with its head office in Vancouver, an office in Toronto and associates and partners around the world. The mission of IMPACS is to strengthen democracy by strengthening the voice of civil society organizations in Canada and internationally. We achieve our mission by helping to build the capacity of civil society organizations to effectively communicate their messages to the public and to be effective citizen advocates in the public policy process. We also work with the media to accurately reflect the diversity of civil society within emerging and developed democracies.

Currently the organization has nine full time staff, two part time staff and a multitude of associates and contract staff working on projects. IMPACS’ domestic communications and training programs serve civil society organizations in all parts of Canada. Internationally, we have done media development and civil society work in Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Haiti, China, Sri Lanka and other developing nations.

IMPACS has grown significantly from start-up in less than a decade. It is poised to make the move to the next stage of growth and impact. The new Executive Director of IMPACS will consolidate our successes to date and solidify our foundations for future growth.


The Executive Director of IMPACS provides inspired leadership to ensure that IMPACS reaches its objectives of strengthening the voice of civil society. In doing so, the Executive Director works in close consultation with the Board of Directors to establish, implement and monitor organizational goals, policies and strategic directions. The ED is responsible for the development of mission-driven programs and initiatives, both national and international, for their diversified and entrepreneurial financing and for their effective management. As the chief spokesperson for the agency, the Executive Director is responsible for crafting and delivering key messages and for cultivating a wide network of beneficial relationships.



    - Establishing strategic directions with the Board of Directors and its committees in developing long and short term business plans to achieve the organization’s priorities
    - Ensuring that board functions and decision-making are facilitated through the provision of appropriate information, reports and analysis
    - Ensuring that the organization operates within the limits of board-approved budgets, policies and bylaws
    - Ensuring that all aspects of the organization’s operations are carried out with high standards of ethics and professionalism


    - Overseeing the development and funding of programs and initiatives for IMPACS
    - Expanding and securing the social enterprise model in existing and new programs so that the organization develops a desired level f financial independence
    - Ensuring that program design and delivery are grounded in the vision of IMPACS and are supported by appropriate fiscal arrangements
    - Building relationships with like-minded organizations (including funders) in Canada and overseas
    - Balancing appropriately the need to raise funds with the need to fulfill the mission
    - Supervising and directing management and other staff as appropriate in the delivery of these programs
    - Ensuring that management systems at the head office and in the field meet the high expectations of funders and other stakeholders
    - Ensuring that all reporting functions are appropriately fulfilled


    - Building and nurturing current and new relationships with non governmental funders in support of IMPACS’ mission and programs
    - Developing and implementing a fund raising plan on an annual basis
    - Keeping abreast of fund raising trends and issues


    - Developing relationships with policy makers, funders and foundations, colleagues in the civil society sector, government departments, media etc. in a manner that enhances the credibility, reputation, growth and leadership of IMPACS
    - Crafting and delivering appropriate policy and other messages that strengthen the voice of civil society in Canada and internationally
    - Taking a leadership position on issues of central importance to IMPACS and fostering a public profile


    - Providing leadership to a staff team in a manner that ensures that staff members, individually and as a team, are able to reach their full potential
    - Ensuring that the development and learning needs of staff are met within the fiscal limits of the organization
    - Enabling the organization and its staff team to perform at their best through appropriate coaching, mentoring and delegating
    - Ensuring that the management practices and policies of the organization are in keeping with legal obligations
    - Ensuring that the personnel policies set by the board are implemented, revised and updated as appropriate


    - Developing an annual budget and monitoring performance on a regular basis
    - Alerting the board at times of concern and developing alternative financing strategies with management staff
    - Fulfilling all regulatory and funding reporting requirements such that the credibility of IMPACS is maintained and enhanced
    - The ideal candidate for the position will possess extraordinary leadership skills and proven ability to manage and expand IMPACS reputation through mission driven work


He/she possesses excellent communications and relationship building skills and is both a team leader and a team player. He/she is a successful and proven fund raiser, with a track record as an innovative social entrepreneur eager to bring his/her talents to expand IMPACS’ programs and impact through further adapting social enterprise models to our work.

The ideal candidate is a senior manager, with at least five years experience, some of it internationally. He/she has considerable experience and skills in organizational management, program development, administrative, human resource and financial management systems. He/she has a proven history of working well with funders (government, multilaterals, private foundations and major donors) in the development of new partnerships.

The ideal candidate is a passionate believer in civil society and its role in strengthening democracy, in capacity building, inclusion and diversity. He/she is able to motivate and influence others and will have the capacity to become a thought leader.

Fluency in French or another UN language is an asset.

The position is based in Vancouver but will require travel nationally and internationally.


Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with comparable positions in the not for profit sector.



Interested applicants should email a resume and a covering letter to Ratna Omidvar, IMPACS ED Search Committee, via e-mail at

or by mail to:

IMPACS ED Search Committee
c/o The Maytree Foundation
Attn: Ratna Omidvar
170 Bloor Street West, Suite 804
Toronto ON M5S 1T9



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