Saturday, March 18, 2006

Profile: Co-operative Auto Network

Launched in 1997 as a student project at Simon Fraser University, the Co-operative Auto Network is a nonprofit co-operative venture incorporated to foster car sharing as an alternative to the privately-owned automobile.

The Co-operative Auto Network (CAN) is an environmentally-responsible and economically-sound choice for manyVancouverites' mobility needs. Through car sharing, the 1,900 memberscontribute to CAN's goals of improving air quality, reducing stresses on green space and eliminating many non-point sources of pollution in the Lower Mainland.

From the founding one employee and sixteen members driving two cars in January 1997, CAN has grown to a fleet of 102 vehicles, supported by an online booking system and ten staff members. It has been shown that CAN members who have given up a car to join the network reduce their driving by 75 percent or more. Further estimates suggest that every CAN membersaves two tonnes of particulate matter from entering the atmosphere every year, while their health and fitness improves along with their bank account.

CAN continues to grow and evolve, now including corporate car-sharing for businesses and fostering innovative new partnerships with real estate developers: when CAN cars are integrated into new developments, the number of parking spaces required at the site is reduced.

This profile is taken from "A Social Economy Showcase BC Stories". A project of BC Social Economy Roundtable, VanCity and IMPACS.
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