Thursday, March 09, 2006

Workshop: May 17 - 21, Word Power - Find your blog's unique voice

Alexandra Samuel and Rob Cottingham of Social Signal will host a workshop "Word Power - Finding your blog's unique voice".

The workshop will ...

    position blogging within your communications strategy while we sharpen the writing skills this unique new medium demands. [You'll] explore a range of strategic blogging applications: from leadership communications to crisis management, from issue advocacy to community-building, and from real-time messaging to team collaboration. And [...] tackle challenges like topic choice, audience targeting, calibrating tone and building readership. [The]bonus tech teach-ins will give [..] hands-on experience with a range of blogging tools.

Tuition for this four-day workshop is $395 Cdn ($346 US). It is at Hollyhock so meals and accommodation are extra.
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