Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Opportunity: Manager, Business Development - Volunteer Vancouver

Volunteer Vancouver is looking for a Manager, Business Development.

The details are:

Volunteer Vancouver is committed to technologically sound and excellent program delivery. For this position, it is critical that you have experience in the not-for-profit and business sector, in order to make the required connections.

An understanding of relationship building is critical.

    - Lead a team of staff and volunteers to inspire the “new” volunteer and develop and deliver programs that successfully connect businesses with not-for-profits

    - Work with business and not-for-profit community to enhance and build relationships

    - Develop and deliver programs in not-for-profits that build their knowledge and ability to work with specifically skilled volunteers

    - Work with other staff to develop technology systems that ensure existing and new programs can be both high touch and high tech

    - Connect with the community investment network of more than twenty corporations within Greater Vancouver

    - Work with Executive Director on consulting opportunities

    - Work with Volunteer Vancouver staff/programs to develop and coordinate Team Volunteering

    - Make presentations as required

    - Work with High-Level Advisory Committees

    - Attend staff meetings and be part of Volunteer Vancouver events

    - Exceptional people and communication skills

    - Highly organized administrator and project manager

    - Knowledge of volunteerism and the not-for-profit sector

    - Knowledge of - and experience in - the business sector

    - Ability to work independently and as part of a team

    - High-level knowledge of technology systems

Colleen Kelly will accept applications electronically.

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