Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tough Talk for Tender Causes - Ahem

In November 2005, the Vancouver Board of Trade/Spirit of Vancouver began a series of presentations under the banner, Tough Talk for Tender Causes. The theme ...
    an interactive forum to teach charities how to create long-lasting partnerships with corporations.
On February 7th, the second "Tough Talk" addressed ...
    the accountability and stewardship issues not-for-profits face today and what they can learn from their counterparts in the corporate sector.
You can read a summary of the February 7th session here.

Take a minute to read the summary.

Are you picking up a familiar tone? Are you feeling some pique? Do you catch a whiff of cap-in-handedness?

The events stirred some minor discussion among the VSEF - it's not unfamiliar territory - and those gathered shrugged their shoulders repeating "we're here to build bridges" ... over and over.

But, today, the VSEF needs to thank Marnie Webb of TechSoup. Marnie's recent blog entry [link] is a great expression of searching for the other way ...
    Interesting stuff, eh? Indicates we shouldn’t be going hat in hand to corporation partners asking for their support. But that we should be going as equals, with something valuable to give and get.

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