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[Opportunity] SPUD! - Senior Marketing Manager

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SPUD! (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery) is the largest organic and natural foods delivery service in North America with delivery areas in seven locations across the Pacific Coast (Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). The company has over 18,000 customers and over 200 staff.

I like David's summary better:
The idea for spud! originally came to me when I was working as a sustainability business consultant, making a business case for companies to improve their social and environmental performance. While I enjoyed the work, I wanted to do more than advise other people, I wanted to create a company that would integrate social and environmental values in its everyday business.

That day came in March 1998, when spud! opened the doors of its small warehouse in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, B.C., and made its first 9 deliveries (and we thought the day would never end!). While spud! was a much more difficult business to run than I ever imagined possible, it was everything I hoped for from a sustainability perspective:

We protect the environment by buying local, organic, minimally packaged and eco-friendly products;

We build community by creating direct connections between our food suppliers and customers;

We reduce the impacts of climate change by delivering groceries to each neighbourhood on a set route once a week;

We educate our customers about important food issues through our weekly newsletter;

We give back by supporting local charities and donating leftover food to food outreach groups.

Today, we're the largest organic food delivery company in North America (although still 'small potatoes' compared to most grocery store chains!) serving more than 19,000 customers and proving that good ethics, healthy foods, eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to local communities are essential ingredients to a modern recipe for success.

Each and everyday, our talented, dedicated team sets out to improve our service to you with fresh new products, more weekly specials and other innovative conveniences. Moreover, we all sincerely believe that we can change the world - one grocery order at a time.

I can't imagine any other work I'd rather do, today and tomorrow.

David Van Seters
President and CEO

Either way ... they're looking for a Senior Marketing Manager.

Here are the details:

Based in our head office in Vancouver, spud! is seeking a Senior Marketing Manager primarily responsible for overseeing marketing and branding initiatives for all spud! locations.

Duties and responsibilities include (but are not limited to) planning (setting marketing targets and budgets, evaluating marketing initiatives on campaigns and recommending improvements); management and training of staff; development and implementation of policy and procedures related to marketing initiatives; market research and evaluation; brand management and e-commerce strategies.

The successful candidate will have a Bachelors Degree in business administration or related field with a specialization in marketing. They will also have a minimum three years experience in a senior marketing capacity; experience in developing marketing/branding campaigns, experience with a fast growth e-commerce company and strong leadership skills with ability to develop staff into an effective, highly motivated, results-oriented team. Preference will be given to candidates who are knowledgeable about the natural foods industry and sustainable brands.

Knowledge of marketing, PR and branding principles, excellent interpersonal, motivational, negotiation, written and verbal communication skills are essential.

If you're interested, then your contact is Jo Elliott, Senior Human Resources Manager.

Interested in learning more about social enterprise? Take a browse through the Vancouver Social Enterprise Book Store (Vancouver United Kingdom United States) and see what other social entrepreneurs recommend reading.

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