Friday, June 27, 2008

Tim Draimin Moves On

It is official. Tim Draimin will be leaving the Tides Canada Foundation.

If you haven't met Tim, you should know
Tim works with Tides Canada's donors and collaborative partnerships and focuses on a range of key initiatives, including accelerating the growth of social finance to bring new forms of capital to Canada's underfinanced social and environmental sectors. He is the Founding Executive Director of Tides Canada Foundation and Sage Centre and has 35 years experience in the charitable and non-profit sector in Canada and abroad, including: the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, CUSO, and the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice. Tim has also consulted on topics such as non-profit management, resource diversification, and non-profit—private sector partnerships for domestic and international clients including the Canadian Public Health Association, Ford Foundation, Synergos Institute, International Development Research Centre, and Steelworkers Humanity Fund.

Tim is coordinating a collaborative initiative of several foundations and the Canadian Co-operative Association on Social Finance, which aims to accelerate the expansion of social finance capital for public interest initiatives and organizations. He is on the Advisory Board of the International Studies Program, University of Toronto.

In the message announcing Tim's departure, Alan Broadbent, Board Chair of Tides Canada Foundation stated:
"Tim was ahead of the curve in his recognition of the ways to advance traditional charitable giving in order to enhance long term impact. He has a great ability to locate and engage donors who want to create positive change, and to build dynamic networks,"

We agree.

Tim has been a friend to many aspiring Social Entrepreneurs and we'll miss his leadership at Tides.

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