Friday, August 08, 2008

Pivot Presents: Justice Rocks

On August 30, 2008 Pivot is hosting Justice Rocks, a free, all-day music festival in East Van's Strathcona! Justice Rocks aims to bring together all things progressive: social and environmental justice movements, independent music, and, of course, Vancouverites!

Pivot's Executive Director, John Richardson said:
"We wanted to hold a summer event that brings together music and ideas for social change Justice Rocks is about showing how fun it can be to help make the world a better place."

Music has proven one of the most effective tools for promoting positive social change to a broad, mainstream audience. Calls for social change have found expression in just about every modern musical form (hip-hop, reggae, punk, rock, heavy metal) as well as many older forms (Negro spirituals, union anthems). Justice Rocks will build on this synergy, using music not only as a means of expression, but as a backdrop for pioneering ideas and pop-culture symbols that bring social and environmental justice to the cultural mainstream.

A roster of popular local indie rock bands will provide the central music focus for the first year of the event, backed by a high-tech sound stage and professional event production. Against the backdrop of fantastic music, a team of cutting-edge non-profit advocacy groups will provide engaging programming and displays for both adults and children on the theme of 'What does Justice look like?", promoting new solutions and encouraging reflection on the role of social and environmental justice on the road to a better future. A variety of artists will also express on the theme of social change, using media and performance to create a contemporary perspective on the age-old idea of justice.

Available via a partnership with GiveMeaning, who are offering virtual tickets to Justice Rocks. Virtual Ticket holders will receive a Justice Rocks t-shirt and a tax-receipt, as well as a special invitation to the Justice Rocks AfterParty - join the band members, volunteers, and organizers for the party that starts after the concert!

Justice Rocks will be awarding prizes to the top three people who get their friends to purchase virtual tickets, so get your friends to buy their tickets today!

The event is looking for site volunteers, organizers, promoters, videographers – you name it – to help with the lead up to the event, the concert, and the after-party.
Aside from connecting with other awesome folks who are also volunteering, and helping to launch the first year of a great event, Justice Rocks volunteers will also receive a free Justice Rocks t-shirt, 2 tickets to the after party, and special identification at the event.

Here's a contact if you have any other questions.

Mark it on your calendar!

Interested in learning more about social enterprise? Take a browse through the Vancouver Social Enterprise Book Store (Vancouver | United Kingdom | United States) and see what other social entrepreneurs recommend reading.

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