Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Conference: 2nd National Canadian Social Enterprise Conference

After a few false starts ... it looks like it's officially underway.

The Canadian Social Enterprise Conference is being planned by a "Pan-Canadian advisory group that includes social enterprises, foundations, credit unions, and government."

So mark your calendar to be in Vancouver for the January 28th - 31st, 2007.

Here's the programme:

Planning and Starting a Social Enterprise:
    - Organizational Readiness

    - Basic Business Skills

    - Critical Steps to Success

    - Choosing a Social Enterprise

Operating and Growing Your Social Enterprise:
    - Advancing Your Business Management Skills

    - Product and Marketing Growth Strategies

    - Private Sector Partnerships

Understanding the Field of Social Enterprise:
    - Explore Different Models and Types of Social Enterprise Ventures

    - Measuring Your Financial and Social Results

Creating an Enabling Environment:
    - Public Policy – Legislation and Regulations

    - Social Enterprise, The Social Economy, and Community Economic Development

    - Best Practices for Investing in Social Enterprise

Here's a link to give you a flovour of the first conference held in Toronto in 2004.

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