Monday, May 01, 2006

Opportunity: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network - PLAN

PLAN is a not-for-profit charity created by and for families who have a relative with a disability.

Their goal is twofold: to ensure a safe and secure future for your relative with a disability and, in the process, to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. In pursuit of this goal PLAN is inspired by a simple but powerful vision: the vision of a good life for all people with disabilities and their families.

This Ashoka fellow organization ... is looking for a Web Communications Specialist. The role description entails ...

    - Manage our websites
    - Write, design and produce electronic communications
    - Manage our database including the interface with our electronic communications
    - Oversee content development
    - Oversee web-based seminars and dialogues
    - Produce multi-media presentations
    - Design and produce print materials

    Manage and maintain PLAN’s family of web sites (,,, ), including:
    - Collecting, developing, designing and uploading website content and ensuring consistency, coordination and ease of access.
    - Design and develop web interface for additional applications (e.g. surveys, etc.)
    - Oversee the design and distribution of electronic communications through a web-based, database system (e.g. Got Marketing)

    Oversee the use of PLAN’s database, including:
    - Supervising data entry.
    - Overseeing the production of lists, merges, reports, etc.
    - Develop, test and manage web applications, such as web-based courses and dialogues.
    - Design multimedia presentations (e.g. power-point).
    - Provide design and production support for a quarterly newsletter and other printing projects.
    - Produce and analyze statistical reports on a scheduled basis.
    - Provide advice on Internet-related issues and emerging technologies.


Education and experience:
    - Bachelor's or college degree preferred with an emphasis on communications/design studies.
    - Certificate or diploma in Web design and/or management an asset.

Knowledge and skills:
    Proficiency in, or willingness to learn, communication software such as:
    - HTML and Dreamweaver.
    - Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
    - Adobe In design, Photoshop or Illustrator.
    - Image creation and photo editing.
    - Multimedia software, including streaming audio and video.
    - Filemaker Pro
    - Knowledge of graphic design.
    - Understanding of communications planning and strategies.
    - Ability to distill, document, organize and share knowledge in an accessible format.
    - Excellent "Web writing" skills and the ability to interact with a diverse group of colleagues.
    - Ability to provide solutions when identifying problems.


The contact at PLAN is Poonam Sharma Administrative Assistant

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