Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Public Innovators Summit: A Gathering of America's Leaders in Public Innovation

Are you interested in spending time with
    national - US - nonprofit executives, social entrepreneurs, leaders of the philanthropic community, cutting-edge social thinkers, media executives, and political leaders?
Then you might want to pencil the weekend of August 18th to be at the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway, Utah.

Because that is the location for the 2006 Harwood Institute/Fast Company Public Innovators Summit.

What is the Public Innovators Summit?
    The Annual Public Innovators Summit is an invitation-only weekend event designed to bring together the foremost leaders of public innovation. The Harwood Institute defines public innovators as pragmatic, yet highly idealistic change agents working in both communities and nationally to create and foster new pathways and structures to help people re-engage in public life and politics. In an age where so many people have retreated from the public square into their close-knit circles of family and friends, we need public innovation perhaps more than ever.

    The Summit will give leaders a chance to engage as peers in a “safe space” about the challenges facing public life, the enormous pressures on the public sector, and how we, both collectively and as individuals representing distinct organizations, can create the norms, networks, relationships, and structures necessary for the kind of society we all seek.

What's on the agenda?

Some, but not all, of the issues that may be discussed include:
    What, at the core of public life, is stalling progress that we must address – and how can we overcome those barriers?

    What conditions must be present and what conditions do we need to address to spread new innovation in public life today?

    What kinds of pathways are needed for people to re-engage in public life, and what characteristics must they possess?

You might be interested that Rick Harwood blogs here at Redeeming Hope.

If you'd like to go ... here is the link to register.
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