Thursday, March 22, 2007

[Recommended Read] Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition

The Spring 2007 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) features the paper Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition. It's worth a read.

Here's a snippet:

Social entrepreneurship is attracting growing amounts of talent, money, and attention. But along with its increasing popularity has come less certainty about what exactly a social entrepreneur is and does. As a result, all sorts of activities are now being called social entrepreneurship. Some say that a more inclusive term is all for the good, but the authors argue that it’s time for a more rigorous definition.

Here's a little about the authors of the paper.

  • Roger Martin has served as dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto since 1998. He is director of the school’s AIC Institute for Corporate Citizenship and serves on the board of the Skoll Foundation. In 2004 Martin received the Marshall McLuhan Visionary Leadership Award, and in 2005 he was named one of Business Week’s seven “Innovation Gurus.”

  • Sally Osberg has served as president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation since 2001. Before joining Skoll, Osberg was executive director for the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. She sits on the boards of the Oracle Education Foundation and the Children’s Discovery Museum. Her essay on philanthropy’s changing landscape is included in Social Entrepreneurship : New Models of Sustainable Social Change, published in 2006 by Oxford University Press.

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