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The Core Gore

The Core GoreEarlier we mentioned Dave Mowat's commitment to spreading the message of The Climate Project.

Tonight was the night and the Ridge in Kitsilano was the place. Were you there?
It's a few hours after the event and confusion rules over the jotted notes, recollections.

Forgive the random blurtings.

Once past a phalanx of VanCity board-member-wannabes pressing pamphlets and urging support the "scene" was serene. A mild surprise given the e-mail invitation noted "capacity crowd anticipated". My guess, the Ridge was half capacity. I could be wrong. I was put off by the four complete rows reserved for VanCity that seemed sparsely populated. I never checked for lurkers in the balcony.

The white letters on the black screen at the front of the theatre ask me ...
"Can you handle the truth?"
"What can you do?"
The questions are too hard. I scan the gathering crowd wondering how many will litter the floor with discarded VanCity Board election material. I don't need to wonder long.

The couple next to me drove separately. One from home. The other from work. Guessing they haven't looked at the adapted one tonne challenge handed to them as they walked into the theatre.

It feels like we're starting late.

I think I heard Dave say, "Almost everything good tracks back to our use of fossil fuel". I'm wondering how Gordon Gekko would deliver "The Core Gore".

The talk swings between "we", "you", "We", "Us", "global", "national" ... getting dizzy.

Nice to know the "enviro foot print" has a local connection. Nicer to mention Bill Rees. Nicer still to let folks know he and John Helliwell will present "Saving the planet and feeling good about it".

Nice graphic of Florida coastline changed by 6m rise in tide levels. [Note to self: suggest Dave considers Tufte on Visual Explanations.]

A couple of nice VanCity newsy bits:

  • A soft launch of a Climate Change Mortgage

  • Here's Dave telling you more:

  • VanCity working with Pattison Group to use White-LEDs instead of using energy eating neon.

  • Wondered if they'd given any thought to working with the Light Up the World Foundation - LUTW. Maybe LUTW will benefit from the Climate Fund created by the climate mortgage.


    Time to take action:

  • 1. Reduce home temperature by 5 degrees - when not at home.

  • 2. Use low-flow showerheads.

  • 3. Turn hot water temperature down to 49 degrees.
  • Will that mess with the warranty?

  • 4. Wash clothes in cold water.

  • 5. Replace light bulbs.
  • See LUTW above

  • 6. Weatherstrip windows and doors.

  • 7. Upgrade my home's insulation.
  • Audience member points out how landlord/strata might need to be consulted

  • 8. Use "Green Power".
  • Ummm. Described as paying extra so BC Hydro can go green. Think Dave needs to chat with Bob Elton.

  • 9. Maintain my vehicle regularly.
  • These action steps were suggested by the good folks at the Pembina Institute. Right?

  • 10. Don't idle my vehicle.
  • Pembina was founded in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Right?

  • 11. Use ethanol blended gas.
  • Much oil pumping/farming happening in the Drayton Valley?

  • 12. Reduce my cruise speed.

  • 13. Take public transit to work.
  • Might have been nice to plug eco-density

  • 14. Replace my car with one that is more fuel efficient
  • Is this still "The Core Gore"?

  • 15. Take one less flight

  • Using the handy-dandy Pembina/VanCity Take-Eco-Action meter each attendee calculated their opportunity to reduce GHG.

    Apparently if we all did these things we'd counter the emissions of 66 cars. Which is about half the number of cars parked at the theatre. [How long are we countering these emissions for?]

    We done good!

    Vancouver Eco-density takes on a new meaning.

    BTW - We're including Livestock’s long shadow in next months newsletter.

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    Anonymous leigh said...

    re: Light Up the World

    Vancity's partner bank (Citizens Bank of Canada) chose Light Up the World as a recipient for its 2005 Shared Interest Award (which was given out last year). LUTW got almost $20,000.

    Just to let you know!

    9:51 a.m.  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Wonder why Dave, VanCity staffers, didn't add a mention in the presentation.

    Thanks for the comment.

    5:44 p.m.  

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