Friday, February 16, 2007

Groundbreaking global change conference in Uganda

Globalizing Local Change Through Online Communities is a conference convened in East Africa for the purpose of uplifting, discussing and collaborating on local and global issues.

Here's how this conference begins ...

... they've come all the way to Uganda to put their hearts and minds into making good things happen. 25 more Onet members will be arriving from nearby Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and Zambia over the weekend.

A total of 10 Americans will be there (including myself, Linda and 4 non-members who don't actually live in the USA). Another 20 participants from Uganda will also be joining 72 Life in Africa members from our WE Centers in Kampala and Gulu. In total, 127 people are now confirmed to attend. It's all really very exciting!On Monday morning 65 of us will travel from Kampala to WE Center Gulu, where Ted will facilitate 3.5 days of Open Space. Whatever happens now will be the only thing that could... and this thread is where we're going to tell you about it!

Globalizing local change through online communities begins right here, right now.

Live from Uganda, here we go!

You can follow via this thread at

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