Monday, March 26, 2007

If it's from the CBC ...

Online, CBC is covering a story related to Vancouver based Co-operative Auto Network - CAN.

[Attention grabbed. Eyes focus on the monitor.]

The story begins ...
A pioneering Vancouver car-sharing co-op is raising concerns about the possibility that a city car-sharing contract may go to an American-based firm.

Officials at Vancouver city hall recently put out a call for bids to run a car-sharing service for a fleet of 40 vehicles.

So far, two private American companies, ZipCar and Flexcar, have expressed interest.

The founder of Vancouver's Co-operative Auto Network doesn't think the non-profit group should have to fight for the contract.

Now the CBC online is a ... a ... pale rendition of the radio network. So it seems reasonable to look at the CAN website for more information. (Aside: We're guessing the sleuths at the CBC received a press release from CAN)

All we can see ... a nice webpage with the phrase "Content to come...".

We like CAN.

Maybe someone can help them with community engagement.

This story is interesting - there's tension between two social enterprise models, i.e. private vs "held in common". Here's a perfect "home grown" example to discuss the benefits of each model.

I can't tell you how interesting this is!
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Blogger rightantler said...

Interesting ...

It came as no surprise to me that CAN felt they should automatically be awarded the contract.

I was a member of CAN for 18 Months.

The problem I had with them is really their attitude. Yes they have been successful and for many people offer a very good solution to a difficult problem. However, I feel this success has made them complacent. It's feels like they behave as if they've proved their point so don't have to bother anymore.

With possibly one exception in dealing with them, they seemed to be arrogant, inflexible and insincere. All the things I expect from BIG corporations!

Sure my experience is coloring my thinking about them, but they created that feeling in me, I was really disappointed in them - which in itself indicates I put them on a pedestal - a bad idea reinforced by how they seem to be behaving now.

In my view an organisation needs different types of people at different times of their development, maybe there needs to be a change of guard at CAN? They could easily have won this contract if they presented their case along with the others and then used it to build their reputation. It's a harsh world out there, you have to fight for things - strikes me as CAN missed a trick here.

10:21 a.m.  

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