Wednesday, September 01, 2004

News: Atira Property Management Ltd.

In the August 28th issue of The Vancouver Sun, columnist Daphne Bramham wrote "Do-gooders turn to cutthroat capitalism". [I'd give you the link but the electronic version of the paper is for subscribers only. Pity] In the article, Bramham rightly points to Atira as a leading social enterprise in British Columbia, if not Canada.

The best part of the article is the public recognition of Atira and its continued development as a social enterprise. In this case, profitability.

Atira's story is inspiring. With profitability, and an acquisition in the bag, Atira may get mythic. In September, the board is expected to declare how Atira will manage its well deserved gains.

Bramham writes
What social entrepreneurship means is that non-profit organizations set up for-profit companies that make use of their talents, resources, and expertise. The profits are then plowed back into programs run by the non-profit.

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