Sunday, August 15, 2004

Investing in Self-Sufficiency: Asset Building Conference - October, 2004

Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI) will be co-sponsoring a conference at the Executive Plaza Hotel, in Coquitlam.

The conference, Investing in Self-Sufficiency: Moving the Asset-Building Agenda Forward in BC seeks to build Canadian awareness of the field. Asset-Building is not a public policy, but is one of many areas the federal government is exploring with the intention of increasing access to learning and skill development among low-income earners. In co-operation with SEDI, the government has launched learn$ave - an asset-building demonstration project.

What is "Asset-Building"?
Provide low-income individuals with tangible incentives to "save their way out of poverty" by helping build the kinds of assets that can transformed lives, i.e. continuing education, skills training, self-employment or housing.

For perspective, consider reading Building Assets: A Report on the Asset-Development and IDA Field, the report is comprehensive. Read chapter two, Ray Boshara's (editor) handy overview.

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