Monday, August 09, 2004

Feed me ... Seymour

Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me is many things. I think it nicely brackets a conversation about our relationship with food. Not just fast food and fat, but... food.

A local perspective is offered by The Farm Folk/City Folk Society and the newly formed Vancouver Food Policy Council both organisations are featured in this local newspaper article.

A few weeks ago, the VSEF had wondered about being too close to an issue to appreciate the wealth of opportunities that may exist. Is the Vancouver food system one of those issues? Without being alarmist, [although ... after a year of e. coli, border beef, and lead levels in salmon ... ]if the Vancouver food system is good what needs to happen to be great? Yes, that is a nod to Jim Collins.

The recent lack of eggs, post avian flu concern, brought the point home. So what are the opportunities for local social enterprise? Food recovery programmes? City roof-top gardens/markets?

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