Saturday, July 24, 2004

Art and Business

Summer in this city means a wealth of cultural opportunities and thoughts of Bard on the Beach - well The Merry Wives of Windsor to be accurate.

Also realized the limited representation of the Arts community within the VSEF. What lessons do the arts offer?

Well, that question led to Comedia and Arts and Business ... two UK organizations ... not to discount local/national voices on the subject but was looking for a different voice

Releasing the Cultural Potential of Our Core Cities is from Comedia.

Re-Creating Communities: Business, The Arts and Regeneration is from Arts and Business.

The A and B, item was underwritten by BritishTelecom and in the foreword observes
The Arts constitute a particularly vibrant part of the [United Kingdom's] economy, and makes a huge contribution to earnings and employment at the regional and local level.
The .PDF is about collaboration and the case studies are highly applicable.

N.B. Page 6 outlines the common objectives identified by the authors. Page 9 itemizes the "Benefits of the Arts".

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