Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Social Economy in BC - Roundtable Dialogue

On July 6th a roundtable dialogue on 'The Social Economy in BC' was held in the corporate offices of VanCity Credit Union. I think it's fair to note that the resources of VanCity, IMPACS, The Voluntary Sector Forum, and Voluntary Organizations Consortium of BC (VOCBC) contributed to the morning discussion.

The discussion was facilitated by Shauna Sylvester, Executive Director, Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society.

Some key questions:
What is the 'Social Economy'?
What are the characteristics of a social economy in BC?
Who are the main actors?
What are the opportunities/challenges for BC (non-profit) organisations?
How do we build a movement for a social economy in BC?
Does the growth of the social economy reduce the role played by government?
What do we, the community, hold in "common"?

Given that naming the 'social economy' presented some challenges, and there was
debate about the role various sectors may/should play, I passed along these two
items to guide broader participation:

Partnerships Matter: Current Issues in Cross-Sector Collaboration.
This document from the UK examines current thinking and practise in cross-sectoral partnerships.

As part of a joint venture with Resources for the Future, a Washington-based think tank devoted to environmental, energy, and natural resources issues, NYU Stern convened a lively panel discussion that explored a range of topics centring on the theme of corporate responsibility.

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