Wednesday, August 25, 2004

To Market We Go. Wrapped in Good Intentions?

Canadian Social Enterprisers are drawn to the American experience. It’s rich, accessible, familiar and seemingly relevant. However, the VSEF had to ask, is an “almost fit” good enough? The question introduced us to broader source material.

This week we’re looking at funding issues, in anticipation of a future Canadian Social Capital Market, we hope you’ll join the debate.

The Bank of England: Financing Social Enterprise Report. A 75 page report looking at the supply of/demand for external finance for social enterprises in the UK. What separates a Social Enterprise from an SME? Does a lack of personal stake undermine investor confidence?

Small Business Services is a department of the UK government’s Department of Trade and Industry. The case studies of Social Bank and Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) loans are of interest (see pages 23 – 30). The document, Lending to the Social Enterprise Sector, is a result of the Bank of England document, Financing Social Enterprise Report.

Jed Emerson’s paper, “The Nature of Returns: A Social Capital Markets Inquiry into Elements of Investment and The Blended Value Proposition”, rounds out our recommended reading for this week.

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