Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heart of the World - Grassroots Theatre

Jhayne Holmes has a plan and you're invited.

If you don't know Jhayne, maybe you're acquainted with one of her "public art" projects ... the Zombiewalk.

It is Jhayne's intention to transform the, currently for sale, Raja Theatre into Heart of the World, a multi-disciplinary arts facility featuring inspiring work from all over the globe that recaptures and surpasses its previous glory.

The Raja Theatre, most recently a Bollywood movie house, has a history dating back to 1913, the theatre has been home to local theatre and live acts like Neil Young and Jane Siberry.

What's interesting is that Jhayne has opted to create fractional ownership to help raise capital for the purchase. Yes. You too can be a theatre mogul.

If the timeline was longer I'd suggest Jhayne connect with another local, Tom Williams and his organization GiveMeaning.

What GiveMeaning lacks in transparency (compared to Prosper or Kiva), it makes up in technology widgets and viral messaging.
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