Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2006 Global MicroCredit Conference

Today, on the other side of this country, the 2006 Global MicroCredit Conference will draw to an end. Paired with the Yunus Nobel Award, it's been a good month for our MicroFinance friends.

If you're interested, the conference call for papers garnered an educational array of position statements. Take a look.

Some of the papers that stand out are:

  • Taking Stock of the MCS- 1997-2006; 2007-2015 - Susan Davis & Vinod Khosla

  • A Billion to Gain - ING Bank

  • Just the facts maam-Gender Stories from Unexpected Sources with Morals for Microfinance - Susy Cheston

  • Compounding Community Capital-Canada‚Äôs Credit Unions and the Untapped Assets of Poor Communities - Brett Matthews

  • Community Investing in Canada - Susannah Cameron

  • Corporate-MFI Partnerships that are Profitable for the Corporation, the MFI, and the Clients - Graham Macmillan

  • The Future of Microfinance - Elizabeth Rhyne & Maria Otero

  • Earlier I mentioned Connie Bruck's article Millions For Millions, and I'm confident the piece was referenced at the conference.

    The "schism" between those who view MicroCredit as a philanthropic endeavour, allowing millions to lift themselves out of poverty, and those who see it as a tool to expand the benefits of the capital market is instructional.
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