Friday, November 17, 2006

Fast Company | 2007 Social Capitalists Announced

The December/January issue of Fast Company, in co-ordination with The Monitor Group, carries the latest iteration of their Social Capitalist Awards.

Although still US-centric, the awards are great recognition of innovation within the sphere of social enterprise.

Here's a link to a chart that summarises the scope of the organisations selected. Take the time to read the "winner's statements".

It's always good to see friends being recognised for their work. Each enterprise is outstanding, but here are a few that have us "thralled" ...

  • New Community Corp. - see NCC statement.

  • Nonprofit Finance Fund - see NFF statement.

  • Pioneer Human Services - see PHS Statement.

  • Rubicon Programs Inc. - see RP statement.

  • WITNESS - see WITNESS statement.

  • There's plenty of information on the Fast Company/Monitor Group methodology ... if you're interested.

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