Friday, August 18, 2006

SustainAbility - New Podcast and a deepening interest in Social Enterprise

SustainAbility, a UK based "strategy consultancy and independent think tank specialising in the business risks and market opportunities of corporate responsibility and sustainable development", announced a three-year, field-building partnership with the Skoll Foundation in March.

The partnership supports the Skoll Foundation’s strategy to focus on high-level, multi-year partnerships with experts who can advance the foundation’s work in the field of social entrepreneurship.

That partnership just went into bud. The fruit should be sweet.

That bud is a podcast.

Take a listen as John Elkington (SustainAbility Founder & Chief Entrepreneur) and Sophia Tickell (Chair) consider the links between corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

The podcast is the first of a series of 10-15 minute conversations. Future interviews will probe "the thinking and experience of leading social entrepreneurs, key funders and business people who have partnered with - or are learning from - these extraordinary innovators".
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