Thursday, July 27, 2006

VanCity - Supports "Change Everything"

First, this isn't a plug for VanCity. Nothing against 'em, good people. Some of our friends work there.

Do want to give a heads up to the creation of a VanCity sponsored on-line community Change Everything.

What's that you say?

Just ignore that a VanCity advertising slogan is "Change Everything" (see image), the site intends to build a community of change makers. Kind of like 30 Days of Sustainability, or maybe One Day Vancouver.

Here's a sample:
Welcome to, the site for people who want to change themselves, their communities or their world. We're still putting the finishing touches on our design and making sure all the lights and buzzers work, but we're glad you're here — and we hope you'll jump right in.

In their own words, they are:
... an online community of changemakers. Some of us are longtime activists; some of us are community leaders; and a lot of us are just regular people with a few ideas for how we'd like to change things. We're focused in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Victoria, but we welcome people from anywhere in the world. All you need are positive ideas for change.


If Change Everything does anything ... it may breathe some life into VanCity.

From the Change Everything Terms of Use:
Although this site is hosted by Vancity, the site does not provide a method of communicating with Vancity. To contact us directly, visit, call us at 1-888-Vancity (826-2489) or drop by your neighbourhood branch.

Keep hope alive!!


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