Friday, August 11, 2006

Tyee Announces First Reader-Funded Expose

Yesterday the Tyee announced the first reader-funded expose. The recipient was local journalist Chris Wood and funded his work exploring the effects of global warming.

What does "reader-funded" mean?

Well, to mark the Tyee's second anniversary, founder David Beers launched two fellowship funds, one of which is dedicated to investigative journalism.

The donor response was above expectation.

The purpose of the fellowships is
to promote independent journalism that educates the public about important issues facing British Columbia.

The judging panel selected Chris' work ...
[believing] Wood's stories [...] perfectly fulfil [the fellowship]mandate, as [the stories] reveal the dire threat of drowned communities along the Lower Fraser River due to inadequate dikes and early warning system cutbacks.

Chris is an old friend with solid journalistic cred. I'm happy to offer hearty congratulations.
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