Monday, June 27, 2005

Opportunity: Marketing Consultant

The Share Society is looking for a Marketing Consultant.

Here's the request:

We are looking for a consultant to review our current Thrift Store operation to develop a marketing plan that can be used to strengthen the current business and look at expansion opportunities.


- Provide a marketing plan that makes recommendations for improvements with the current operation and provides an implementtion plan for improvments and potential expansion.


- Experience in marketing, retail, analysis of business operations. Familiarity with non-profit work places an asset.

- Ability to consult broadly and produce a report that is supported by evidenced based research.

Please respond with a brief proposal of the work you would do, timelines for completion, costing, and information on your expertise in this area. There is a limited budget for this project.

Job Contact Information
Roxann MacDonald
Director of Programs & Services
SHARE Family and Community Services

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