Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shhhhh. Genius at Work.

The CBC is reporting Gas-guzzler top prize in N.B. eco-centre raffle about a Rotary Chapter selling raffle tickets for a Hummer to raise funds for an eco-centre.

Appropriately the raffle is a Hum-Dinger of a Project.

Of course, in Vancouver the braintrust behind the Conservation Commitment will want to hear about this for next year. The Conservation Commitment was a 'marketing campaign' (a disservice to good marketers everywhere) that ended on Earth Day and asked Lower Mainlanders to pledge to reduce their environmental footprint.

Sounds good, right??

Here's the incentive 'Reduce your environmental footprint and win a car'.

Nice marketing of a hybrid!!

The British have a term that starts with "W" and rhymes with "bankers". It fits.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


The ultimate vehicle for the Man WASP - aka man with a small p**is

11:02 a.m.  

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