Friday, October 08, 2004

Joyfilled Music - Dream Child

Joyfilled Music (who are Nancy Bradshaw, Beverley Elliott and Michael Creber) is looking for a strategic non-profit partner. The project produced a CD - Dream Child - "as a fundraising tool as well as to provide to those children who may need a little more support in life".

Dream Child was carefully designed (with therapists, teachers, counsellors, energy workers) for young children, to help them relax/sleep and bring feelings of love and light into their life. Parents and children are loving it.

Joyfilled Music has already donated CDs to BC Pediatric Aids Society, and therapists working with children in crisis as this seems to soothe them. This CD is popular at Kids Books, Odin Books, and therapists at the Delta Hospice provide it for children who are grieving.

The ideal partner would want to do a fun Xmas fundraising campaign - they already work with children in need, have a strong volunteer base, have PR skills. At Joyfilled Music we can volunteer loving and fun children's events, - donate our 10% of profits to provide the CDs for children in the program who cannot afford them (and some admin costs for the staff time) and - provide CDs at wholesale cost for resale with the difference going to the nonprofit, and provide education sessions on the power of the subconscious mind on children under the age of 7 and how affirming, delightful, magical lyrics and songs can enhance their wellbeing.
A wonderful, innovative children's relaxation CD

DREAM CHILD combines a magical bedtime story with inspirational songs that help children relax before sleeping. Its captivating characters, enchanting music and powerful message of joy and unconditional love aim to build self-esteem, as well as strong values and beliefs.

DREAM CHILD is the result of a unique collaboration between three loving parents; producer/composer/musician Michael Creber (Grammy nominated for his work on Raffi's hit album Bananaphone), singer/actress/songwriter Beverley Elliott and spiritual life coach Nancy Bradshaw. CDs are available for $14.95 both online and at a variety of retail locations including Vancouver's KidsBooks and Odin Books.

10% of DREAM CHILD's proceeds will go towards distributing the CD to children in need. To date, DREAM CHILD has been donated to several counsellors working with children in challenging situations, as well as the BC Paediatric Aids Society and Callanish Healing Society. Please help spread the word about this worthwhile project by forwarding this e-mail to family, friends and colleagues.

To hear an audio sample, order CD's or obtain more info, please visit

The initial response to DREAM CHILD has been overwhelmingly positive - parents, children, educators, counsellors and retailers are raving about the CD!

"These amazing songs put into words all the feelings, hopes and dreams I have for my children."
-- Linda Hamilton, life coach and Neuro-linguistic practitioner.

"Pure magic. Every child, young and old, should have their very own Mama Teddy Bear and Duchess Dove to dream with, to know they are loved, valued, seen and connected."
-- Debra D. Kerby Executive Director, Right to Play

"Parents and children will experience being enveloped in warm joy and soft loving energy."
-- Dr. Cathy Wilder, PhD, Family Counsellor

"To my knowledge there is nothing like this available for children. It is a unique tool for promoting a child's sense of feeling unconditionally loved. The stories and songs are imaginative, inspiring and fun. The loving messages they promote can be carried and applied throughout a child's daily life. "
-- Janice Ebenstiner, M.A., Child and Family Therapist

For more information on the CD, or if you have a recommendation for partnership, please contact Nancy.

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