Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VanCity CEO - Transparently

Dave Mowat, CEO VanCity, spoke to the Vancouver Board of Trade about how his organization uses corporate transparency to its advantage. The presentation - 'BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS BY BARING ALL: How VanCity Uses Corporate Transparency to Its Advantage', happened over lunch.

The event was co-sponsored by VanCity subsidiary Citizens Bank of Canada. The Board of Trade marketed the luncheon, like so ...
The last few years have been financial record-breakers for VanCity. The credit union's legendary obsession with its values and sharing and baring all, has been a key factor in this success. While many organizations have been jumping on the corporate governance bandwagon, VanCity has been driving it for years. Today, VanCity is recognized as a global leader in corporate governance and enjoys one of the highest corporate reputation ratings in BC and beyond. The result? Record membership growth and earnings, and healthier communities as those profits are invested back into the region.

With the recent release of VanCity's latest Accountability Report, CEO Dave Mowat will open the books on corporate transparency at VanCity and discuss how it can be used to improve and grow your business.
The Board of Trade offers a link to the Powerpoint of Dave's comment. Does anyone have the text?


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Blogger Peter Rees said...

Thanks to Sarah Holland of VanCity Public Affairs for providing the text of Dave Speech.

Much appreciated!

10:40 a.m.  

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