Friday, June 22, 2007

Heroes from a Small Planet

The PBS programme Frontline/WORLD, has been a great platform for the Skoll Foundation to draw attention to global social entrepreneurs.

The partnership has evolved to create enough material to warrant a film festival this coming Monday, June 25th, from 6-10 PM at the Delancey Street Screening Room - that's in San Francisco.

The film festival has been referenced by enterprise evangelist Guy Kawasaki and Britt Bravo. Just to name drop and convey the scope of audience appeal.

Britt's post offers some juicy details of the live event in San Francisco ...
Not only will they be showing the films, but they will have also have panels with some of the shows' reporters and social entrepreneurs like Trevor Field, co-founder of PlayPumps International (water pumps powered by children's play), Luis Szaran, founder of Sonidos de la Tierra (they use music in their work with impoverished children), Matt Flannery, co-founder of Kiva (they allow regular people like you and me to make microloans online), Stacey Warner, Program Director of Room to Read (they build libraries in the "emerging" world), and Bart Weetjens, co-founder of APOPO (they use rats to find landmines).

Skoll is also working with PBS NOW to air social enterprise segments as part of Skoll's committment at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative.

Interested in learning more about social enterprise? Take a browse through the Vancouver Social Enterprise Book Store (Vancouver | United Kingdom | United States) and see what other social entrepreneurs recommend reading. Tags for information about: for:vsef, Social Enterprise, Nonprofit, Skoll


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Anonymous KD said...

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